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UI/UX Design

The very basic objective of the User Interface (UI) or the User Experience (UX) in the web development is to ensure the highest quality end user experience. Websites are meant to deliver data and it has to be as per the highest standard to engage the viewers and readers to convert them into potential customers. The level of accessibility and user-friendly navigation decides the difference between average and high-quality websites. Here, at the Anwar Ali – The Webmaster, the difference is created.


Our expertise is focused on the digital experience of the user. The interaction between the clients and the potential customers in the web increases thanks to an intuitive design that is built on a strong technological platform.

It does not matter which platform you are looking for, a website, mobile app, Ad banner, email campaign or a modernized social media campaign, we always stand out in the web design experience. Our aim is to provide our client with a compelling digital media presence and a definite edge over the competitors.

Best in Class Features

We follow a structured process that does not only ensure seamless user experience but also adopts the quality prototype from the early stage. Unlike others, we make sure that user experience is the centre of entire UI/UX design. However, the infused designs and the dedicated layering take the web designing to a whole new level.

Our Process

Our style of work defines who we are. We have professional and proven techniques to web design for better results and superior user experience.

  • Research: We don’t really miss out to know the product or service that will be sold or promoted; and the target audience and their expectations.
  • Use Cases: We don’t really miss out to know the product or service that will be sold or promoted; and the target audience and their expectations.
  • Sketch:We build sketches before the final designing.
  • Wire frames:This is the stage where we design without style for detailed placement and click strategy.
  • Design:This is the final stage of our UI/UX design where we deliver the product for the user experience.

Our Values

We believe in delivering values while working with our partners in the most professional way. Our focus remains on our ethics and customer-oriented goals. We never compromise on our credibility, accessibility and customer-centric services. Our best in the market rates are also kept keeping the customers in mind.

Anwar Ali – The Webmaster, is a name of difference. We offer superior quality and customized services to meet every need.