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Pay Per Click - ppc sERVICES

One might have well designed website and very well written content. However, all that make no sense when you do not have the traffic to your website. It is true that everything starting from web design to content and SEO are important but drawing the traffic to website is vital for all to sustain in the business. PPC or Pay Per Click makes life easy for the business by drawing traffic using the Search Engine Advertising. However, it is easier said than done. The placement, content and the appeal of the ads need to be of top notch to attract customers and create a hit. SEO is important to create the organic traffic but PPC can create the impression and increase traffic instantly.

We, at the Anwar-Ali, the Webmaster, take care of the PPC needs of our client.


We are team of experienced and enthusiastic professionals who draft the PPC as per the need of the business. We put in efforts to carry out the research on the market, audience, target area, genres, nature of business and others. The blueprint of the PPC includes everything that it requires. Our detailed report of PPC helps our client to understand the situation of the company.

PPC Services

Google Adwords

We have dedicated team for Google Adwords. We all know that Google has 2/3rd of the organic searches in the world. Our team ensures that using Adwords, we maximize the impressions, clicks and conversions.

Bing Advertising

Bing Advertising extends the horizon of the business in terms of creating clicks and conversions. Our team helps you to effectively strategize the PPC for Bing Advertising.

Shopping Ads

The shopping ads can be very effective for the product based businesses especially e-commerce brands. Available both in Google and Bing, Shopping ads appear above the organic listing during the search.


It can be very useful if applied effectively. Our team is experience enough to create conversion out of remarketing. Unlike others we do not over burden people with ads that can drive the customers away.

Display Ads

These are today’s ads and has deeper reach to the customers. The use of GIF, Images, Videos are used for this. This is attractive and equally effective to create traffic.

Social Media Ads

The immense reach of Social Media can be efficiently used for PPC as well. The potential of conversion with Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube is huge.

Mobile Ads

Our services also extend to Mobile Ads where we explicitly design Ads for PPC for the Mobile phones.

Anwar Ali – The Webmaster, is a name of difference. We offer superior quality and customized services to meet every need.